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Increase adoption and engagement of Microsoft 365 software with a centralized employee portal.

Hybrid work is becoming a norm and every organization needs a way to keep employees engaged. Navigate today's modern workplace with a streamlined training and adoption portal to empower all employees, new or existing, to achieve more! Data Pros' AMG - Adoption 365 Platform delivers a SharePoint native training and adoption experience for your users. Gain instant access to thousands of Microsoft 365 resources and personalized learning experiences. With options for live training, on-demand content, and scheduled training reminders your employees will have the knowledge they need to accomplish more and exceed expectations. For admins, training can be monitored and tracked to determine if employee onboarding is a success or if changes need to be made. Gamification is also incorporated to encourage skilling in areas like Microsoft Teams, Security, and Outlook best practices. Take your digital transformation to the next level with Data Pros' Adoption Portal.

With the Adoption 365 Portal, you can:

  • Leverage a return on your Microsoft licensing investment.
  • Standardize employee onboarding with Microsoft 365 and custom training content.
  • Publish your own training content: safety protocol videos, HR explainer videos, etc.
  • Adopt remote work and effective collaboration.
  • Learn proper cyber security standards.
  • Boost productivity with relatable, relevant content that builds skills step by step.
  • Tailor your training experience by department, job role, or individual needs.
  • Reinforce new concepts with challenge questions and practice files.
  • Admins can monitor ongoing progress with end-user data (via Microsoft Graph).
  • Gamify your experience to track how you stack up to your peers with badges and company standings.

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