Purchase Order Management Made Easy

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Simplify purchase order management with Purchase Order Management Made Easy (PO-MME)

Companies struggle with keeping track of open purchase orders and purchase requests from suppliers and vendors. Purchase Order Management Made Easy (PO-MME) provides full management capabilities and insight into the stage of each purchase order.
The app introduces a workflow that allows project managers to digitally approve or reject purchase orders via Microsoft Teams. Based on their response, the PO is either sent to a rejection folder or passed to the next approver. The app provides an overview of all requests and stores them in their perspective folder within SharePoint. 
Purchase Orders can be automatically uploaded into SAP or Salesforce once they reach the final approver.

Your Pain Points:

• Identifying purchase order status

• Alerting project managers when PO's are received 

• Understanding age of PO

• Storing and management of rejected or approved PO's

• Automation into CRM tool


Features of Purchase Order Management Made Easy:

• Microsoft Cloud-based platform

• Automated purchase order system

• Integration to SAP and Salesforce

• Supports PDF documents and E-Signatures

• Activity insight into date received, sent, and approved

• Integrates across Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook


 Your Benefits:

• Simultaneously track purchase order statuses

• Real-time alerting for requests, approvals, or denials

• Save time by removing error-prone manual sorting

• Anytime access on the go, remote or from the office

• Secure transfer of PO's via SharePoint and Teams

• Customized sensitivity labels for storing PO's

• Meta-tagging capability for searchability ease 

• Confidence with Data Pros' team of experts to support you


Established in 2004, Data Pros is a certified Microsoft partner with competencies in the Cloud Platform, Productivity, and Small & Midmarket. Data Pros’ specialize in providing end-to-end technology solutions for its customer's unique needs.

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