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The most creative way to understand how accounting and finance work.

As a student or working business professional, learning accounting can be challenging. It seems that the traditional methods of textbooks, whiteboards, and T-accounts, although accurate and factually correct, often lead to confusion and disinterest. 

We wanted to reimagine, re-engineer and reinvent the way the subject is taught and change the way of understanding the basics. We wanted to find an easier solution for students and business owners alike, to use a right-brain approach to a left-brain subject. 

So, here is the easies way you will ever learn accounting!

ACCQ is our Accounting Colour Canvas using the power of the Quadrant which helps students and business people to understand how Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts are formed using traditional 2-sided transactions. It is a different approach, a different way of visualising the concepts on one interactive canvas. This innovative, colourful and disruptive tool helps you master DEBK (a.k.a. double-entry bookkeeping) and enbles you to become brilliant on the basics.

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