AML Transaction Monitoring & Sanction Screening for Banks & Fintechs

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AI-Powered AML Transaction Monitoring & Sanction Screening for Fintechs & Banks

ThetaRay provides AML Transaction Monitoring & Sanction Screening for:

  • Banks
  • Remittance Providers
  • Payment Gateways
  • Payment Processors
  • Payment Service Providers
  • Merchant Service Providers
  • Foreign Exchange Companies
  • Digital\Neo Banks
  • Trading Platforms
  • Money Transfer Companies

A risk-based approach to AML, powered by AI

Satisfy regulators, save time and money, and grow your business.

SONAR, ThetaRay’s AI-powered SaaS AML transaction monitoring and screening solution, enables fintechs, banks, and regulators to embed trust in cross-border and domestic payments while driving financial growth.

A new breed of transaction monitoring, ThetaRay’s advanced AI method, using proprietary and patented algorithms, detects anomalies in unlimited data sets to reliably pinpoint suspected cases of money laundering in transactions with virtually no false positives, delivering an effective solution for AML compliance.

ThetaRay’s unique form of AI and machine learning (ML) methodology ‒ artificial intelligence intuition ‒ is deployed to analyze risk indicators associated with financial crimes. This risk-based AI approach paints a clear picture for FIU teams by detecting abnormal activity and effectively calculating and pinpointing transactions indicating suspicious activities.

Substantial benefits to financial institutions looking to secure their correspondent banking activity from bad actors:

  • Identifies unknown unknown malicious events: These are money-laundering activities that firms don’t know exist and don’t know to look for, let alone find.
  • Identifies Money Laundering Typologies: Uncovers previously unknown typologies which require ongoing monitoring and indicative of either a criminal’s insider knowledge of a lack of systemic controls.
  • Counterparty Risk Identification: Detect third-and-fourth-party risk more effectively, to identify bad actors and suspicious activity that were previously undetectable.
  • Rapid deployment and global expansion: ThetaRay’s deep subject matter expertise, fully patented algorithms, and API-based architecture enables FIs to deploy this solution, with minimal disruption, into existing processes and workflows. Because it’s also highly scalable, ThetaRay AML for correspondent banking provides nimble global expansion.
  • Sustainable Compliance: Enhances operating efficiencies and enables shedding of non-essential operational costs with agile technology that helps Financial Investigation Units focus on the most crucial risk priorities.

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