Think ChatBot: 1-Week Implementation

Видавець: Think AI Consulting Corporation

Engage with your customers in new, innovative ways while improving the overall customer experience

Managed Service Providers need 24x7 helpdesk support. However challenges arise when the cost of maintaining sufficient helpdesk resources is taken into account, especially since 24/7 availability is required and demand for support is often high. This can lead to additional overtime costs for the business, poor customer experience due to missed or delayed support ticket closure, poor resource utilization due to overwhelm from simple support requests which could be automated, and poor employee morale due to the overwhelm. 

  • Engage your customers with ChatBot on your website or through SKYPE or Teams, while reducing email volume at your business. 
  • Engage with your customers in new innovative ways and improve the overall customer experience. 
  • Embrace new forms of automation that lead to cost savings for your organization. 
  • Upload hundreds of questions and “train” your BOT to continuously to make it more intelligent. 
  • Offers new and innovative customer engagement 
  • Powerful enough to be the first line of customer support 
  • Quick and low cost implementation 
  • Automation friendly and utilizes trainable intelligence 
  • Boosts organizational productivity and encourages better resource allocation 
  • Save time and resources by using this ChatBot as IT support agent
  • Better utilize your employee's time by letting the Bot respond on the basic questions while they do more meaningful and valuable work
  • Up to 50% faster for scheduling bookings and appointments 
  • Cost of hiring a new employee is 20% more than the cost of the Bot
  • Go live 10x faster than other solutions developed by your own team
  • 99% of MSPs say Bot has helped them answer questions faster for their clients
  • 24/7 availability, better customer engagement and higher employee satisfaction

Start your AI journey with Conversational AI. Our clients have saved more than 10% of support staff time and reduced overall email volume significantly after deploying our ChatBot solution. You don’t have to spend 1-3 months to deploy an AI based ChatBot. 
Reach out to us so we can deploy a ChatBot for your business within 1 week. 

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