Think SharePoint Intranet: 1-Month Implementation

Видавець: Think AI Consulting Corporation

Leverage Think AIs SharePoint Intranet Builder to boost office productivity and collaboration.

Built on SharePoint Online, Think AI’s SharePoint Intranet Builder is a turnkey solution designed to give your team a cutting-edge solution in just three to four weeks. Leverage Office 365’s newest capabilities and features in SharePoint Online to take your company to the next level of growth. Our experienced consultants will help your team deploy your new intranet seamlessly with step-by-step guidance and post-deployment training to ensure user adoption.  

  1. Share: There is nothing quite as important as the ability to share and disseminate important business information quickly.  

  2. Document Versioning: With SharePoint’s robust versioning capabilities, your staff will have the ability to store, revise and restore files with ease.  

  3. Document Alerts: With SharePoint’s alerting, you’ll know exactly who, when, where and how documents were modified and changed.  

  4. Scheduling: Use company calendars to manage schedules and important dates.   

  5. Communication: Get your team on the same page and save time by streamlining communication channels across your organization.  

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