POINTR - Customer & Marketing Analytics

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An application to improve customer experience with AI-powered customer and marketing analytics.

Industry Background

Over the last few years, a major shift is seen among retail businesses from offering in-store customer experiences to delivering customer experiences online.
Businesses now tend to focus on marketing efforts towards the complete customer-lifecycle to reach their customers at the right time through the right channel to deliver flawless customer experiences to get the desired ROI.

How can POINTR help?

POINTR is a customer & marketing analytics application built using Microsoft platform (Azure and Power BI). The application delivers customer intelligence and actionable insights from personalized marketing campaigns via an intuitive interface. POINTR allows you to:
- Target customers based on micro-segmentation
- Create campaigns to offer personalized experiences
- Influence customer behavior with delightful experiences delivered across all touchpoints

Customer Discovery
Integrate with all major CRM, flat files, POS systems, and social networking sites to bring all your customer data at a centralized location.

Customer Micro-Segmentation
By analyzing customer movement along their route to reach the present segment, achieve far more accurate segmentation using POINTR.

Define Campaigns for Persona
Automate marketing workflow for a specific persona and define recommendation campaigns for select segments.

Recommendations & Campaigns for Individuals And Similar Profiles
Define campaigns based on individual profile’s interests with AI-based recommendations and run the campaign for similar profiles.

Campaign Performance Analytics
- Analyze campaign performance and measure campaign effectiveness.
- Compare and consolidate campaign reports and calculate ROI & profitability.

Tech Stack
Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, Python, Azure Cosmos DB, Power BI

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