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Thynk Digi-Branch - In-Branch Digital Experiences

Thynk Digital’s award-winning DIGI-BRANCH Platform is a suite of 20+ solutions developed on Microsoft Technologies and developed to enable branches to offer a variety of digital experiences that fall into the following 5 categories:
1. Digital Welcome Experience

  • External attractors: including interactive gamification attractors, designed to gain attention outside the branch and drive footfall.
  • Welcome screen and Way-Finder map: Welcomes the customer into the digital branch, advises them on how to conduct self-service transactions and provides a way-finder map for products and services within the branch.

2. Interactive Experiences

  • Interactive Digital Signage: Allows customers to interact with the content, core leads or enable QR code onboarding.
  • Gesture and Touch iWall Product Catalogue: Allows the customer to interact via hand gestures or touch-screen. Solution leverages video content to allow customer to easily digest content while waiting in a branch.


3. Lead Generators

  • Assisted-Experience Propensity PFM Table: Facilitates discussion between the bank and customer on personal finance management and spending behavior. Leads to deposits, savings accounts and wealth management lead generation.
  • Assisted-Experience Investment Robo-Advisor: Designed to create relationships and facilitate dialogue between the branch Investment advisor and the customer on wealth management and retirement planning.

4. Branch Tasks

  • Tablet Mortgage and Loan Calculator: Developed for simulating loan scenarios, mortgage eligibility and payment schedules, and lead generation with an in-branch advisor.
  • Tablet Paperless Form Application: Digitizes common paper forms like large cash withdrawal, funds transfer and cash deposit.
  • Kiosk video-banker module: Enables remote advice centers through Video-Chat Banking. Good for guided onboarding and wealth and mortgage advice.
  • Mobile branch-mode IoT Service: Enables ‘branch mode’ on the customer’s mobile as he enters the branch, allowing him to fast-track branch tasks.


5. Performance Analysis

  • Tablet Real-time Feedback Application: Satisfaction Survey and Customer Feedback application to provide insights and real-time performance analysis of the branch network and its staff.
  • Tablet Real-time Branch Staff Performance App: Allows for real-time status of the digital branch. The application monitor customer satisfaction, queue time, sales performance and can provide lead generation through beacon notifications. Can also alert branch manager on VIP customers or High Net Worth priority transactions.
  • Azure Branch Network Analysis View: Azure Power BI big data analytics app to provide rich dashboards and real-time feedback on branch performance, staff performance and sales.

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