AIndustry – Proactive & Predictive Maintenance

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AIndustry is the platform for solving top challenges in the industry with the use of AI, ML etc.

Intelligent industry supported by data

Breakdowns and quality losses in the industry lead to high operational and financial costs. However, one is able to reduce them by applying AI-focused approach and methods like predictive maintenance, pattern recognition, anomaly detection, stock optimization etc.

Introducing Artificial Intelligence to your industry

AIndustry is the platform for solving top challenges in the industry, e.g. maintaining the proper quality level, predicting breakdowns, reducing operational costs. We customize it by mixing available Microsoft Azure components to deliver the solution which is the most suitable for your business.

Why customers use AIndustry – Artificial Intelligence for your business?

  • reduction of downtimes
  • predictive analytics
  • maintaining the desired quality level

Which challenges AIndustry addresses?

AIndustry was designed to prevail the most challenging topics in Industry. These cover, for example, such issues like high costs (operational, financial) of breakdowns, quality loss etc., insufficient knowledge about the processes, the need to discover it in gathered data (IoT devices), or predictive instead of descriptive analytics.

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