Call Journey - Speech Analytics Solution Leader

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Cloud and Premised based speech analytics solution which connects directly with Microsoft

Call Journey is a Global Speech Analytics leader focused on making it simple for organizations of all sizes to convert all forms of audio sources (unstructured data) into structured data to consume and analyze. 

With significantly heightened customer and employee insights available from conversation data, Call Journey seamlessly links multiple audio sources to Microsoft’s ecosystem.

We are wholly and solely about Voice Data. Our mission - to unlock every business conversation by creating a conversation data footprint and providing an avenue to add Voice into any organization's data analytics mix. We bring together downstream and upstream connectors, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and enhanced domain expertise to create an industry-leading Conversation analytics platform. 

Using this environment to harness the power of voice data, we’re helping Microsoft customers find answers to some of their biggest challenges by delivering insights that directly impact customer experience, business performance, risk management & compliance.

By adding voice data, our solution lights up:

1. Customer Azure utilization for:
      • Data  and audio storage and driving  greater insights via analytics from the Azure Machine learning studio solution
2. Business Applications with voice data being added to:
      • Customer Insights
      • Customer Service Insights 
      • Dynamics 365 Marketing
      • Sales Insights
      • Dynamics Customer Experience
3. Power Platform utilization covering:
      • PowerBI for trend analysis and visualization
      • Power Virtual Agents adding speed to bot deployment via conversation insights 

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