Guardian - Facial Recognition

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Fully integrated Facial Recognition system for casinos and gambling venues

The Guardian is a fully integrated solution for recognising Persons of Interest (POI) as they enter and move around casinos and gaming locations. At each casino, multiple high-definition cameras are installed to cover the entranceway and thoroughfares. The cameras interface with a Guardian Node (also located locally on site) which detects people entering or moving around the gambling floor and records unique faces. Once the faces have been detected they are then checked by the cloud-based facial recognition system, which compares the facial data received from the cameras against its own trained models to identify any Persons of Interest. These POIs are registered and managed in a central database called Concern. Notifications and alerts can then be generated so that staff are made aware of any potential POI present. The facial recognition solution is hugely scalable to support even thousands of cameras and execute high-speed facial matching against a database of millions of registered Persons of Interest.

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