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The most experienced email archive migration engine available on the market

Transvault Migrator is the most advanced, proven and compliant way to migrate enterprise email archives - no matter the complexity, volume or source.

With support for virtually all proprietary archive platforms, services and appliances, both on-premises and in the Cloud, Transvault Migrator goes unmatched in speed, unparalleled in security and delivers the most dependable and comprehensive enterprise-level migration service.

Transvault Migrator moves journal archives, individual and shared mailboxes, public folders and a wide range of message types such as calendar appointments and tasks, with complete fidelity. The solution comes equipped with comprehensive error-checking and data remediation services, coupled with an advanced scheduling and batching capability, multi-streaming of extra-large mailboxes, and high-performance extraction and ingestion techniques. This makes Transvault Migrator the foremost trusted and scalable migration service and the go-to solution for delivering the largest and most challenging archive migrations in the world.

Proven in over 2,400 projects, and available through a global network of certified migration specialists that carry the Transvault Migration Master badge, Transvault Migrator delivers complete data confidence for your legacy email record migration.

Benefit - Reduced Migration Costs

The expense, time and risk associated with manually extracting data from legacy archives can make a migration cost-prohibitive and arduous, leaving you with islands of data and escalating maintenance issues.

Transvault Migrator quickly and securely moves your email records to a new platform, enabling you to reduce your hardware/software footprint and eliminate the growing costs associated with maintaining legacy storage facilities and resources. Additionally, with Transvault Migrator at the helm of your migration, you can take advantage of the solution’s advanced filtering capability - further streamlining what you migrate to your new archive by moving only the data you need.

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