Trusona Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication

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Trusona authenticates the identity of your users beyond doubt, smoothly and password-free.

With 81% of data breaches due to compromised user credentials, organizations need additional layers of identity authentication without losing customers to cumbersome login hurdles.

Designed with the customer experience in mind, Trusona’s industry-leading, passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) and identity proofing is the best way to ensure the True Persona behind every digital interaction — and across any digital channel.

Trusona’s dynamic solutions provide a robust alternative to usernames and passwords making authentication both convenient and more secure at scale while preventing static credential replay cybercrimes. Organizations in financial services, healthcare, higher education, media and more trust Trusona for onboarding and authentication into any digital channel.


  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Trusona’s MFA provides a passwordless alternative to insecure SMS verification, cumbersome OTPs and costly tokens that leave sensitive information exposed to malware and session replay attacks.
  • Identity Proofing: When step-up identity proofing is needed, Trusona’s TruScan technology enables a user to prove their identity using a government-issued ID to act as a unique dynamic token.
  • Anti-Replay Technology: Trusona’s patent-pending TruAR anti-replay technology is performed real-time on every authentication to ensure data is not subject to a credential replay attack.
  • Unparalleled Customer Experience: People dislike passwords and the hurdles of MFA. Trusona offers a streamlined authentication experience that’s more convenient and safe. Provide employees and customers a consistent, elegant authentication experience across any channel, including web, mobile, kiosk and more.
Trusona’s unique identity-proofing solution is available as a multi-factor authentication option to enhance security for Microsoft Azure AD Premium users, providing a secure, frictionless experience.

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