Nerve SaaS

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Reduces your hardware costs, increases machine efficiency and introduces new software-based services

You are benefiting from Nerve by

    • introducing remote service for machine software applications
    • improving machine performance with predictive maintenance
    • facilitating on-demand assistance for your machine with software updates
    • rolling out updates to multiple machines simultaneously from the comfort of your office
    • Migrating and consolidating legacy software onto standard hardware

Nerve provides an open software platform for

  • Remotely connecting to software and devices at the edge.
  • Easily managing software on assets all over the globe.
  • Efficiently collecting, store and analyze machine data at source.

Which features enable this technically?

Nerve software runs on standard hardware and cloud infrastructure

    • Run Nerve Node Software on your edge device (e.g. Supermicro, Kontron, Siemens, TTTech, Vecow)
    • Host Nerve Management System on Microsoft Azure or on-prem if required


For more technical details take a look at the Nerve Documentation:

You can get started today by registering for a free 14-day trial under

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