UBIRCH on Azure

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securing communication between IoT edge devices and the cloud – on the data packet level

The Blockchain for Things

If your business model depends on reliable, trustworthy, tamper-proof sensor data on which important – and costly – decisions can be based, UBIRCH has you covered. UBIRCH's Blockchain for Things enables the creation of 100% trustworthy records for data-dependent business models – whenever and wherever accuracy, integrity or authenticity is essential. The UBIRCH protocol 'seals' data packets right on the edge device applying hard cryptography. Undetected manipulation, deletion or duplication of data packets is impossible after this sealing process – even, when the data is transmitted over unsecured com channels. Additionally each data packet can be attributed without doubt to a unique originating device. Finally, each data packet is anchored in a high-bandwidth, two-stage blockchain setup. The end result ist a 100% trustworthy, immutable set of records. The product comes in the form of 3 modules
  1. a firmware library running on the edge device
  2. a cloud-based service (on Azure) for anchoring the data in a blockchain and integrity check of data packets from secured sensors
  3. optionally a verification service running on premise in the client's data center or cloud

Privacy and Trust

Even though an important aspect of UBIRCH on Azure is an immutable blockchain, you can implement GDPR-compliant applications utilizing the ubirch protocol. Additionally, you don't have to trust us with your data. The UBIRCH protocol effectively consists of an envelope for the data transmission. This envelope “seals” and secures the payload it contains. The envelope is a conceptional one, though. In the actually data being exchanged between the sender and receiver, payload and envelope do not have to be transmitted together or in the same channel. In many applications it might be desirable (and is supported), to transmit the payload and the envelope/seal separately. This is accomplished by using a cryptographic hash function to create a digest of the original data packet and only transmitting the digest as the payload within the ubirch protocol envelope. Separating data and cryptographic seal enables customers to integrate the ubirch trust infrastructure without touching the original data pipeline.

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