Gantt Chart Maker

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Easily generates beautiful Gantt chart from a task list in Excel.

This edition uses the license management system on If you prefer to manage licenses using the Microsoft Admin Center, visit this edition. For more information about the differences between the licensing systems, please visit here.

This app installs a feature to Excel that enables you to easily create Gantt chart from a task list in Excel.


• The desktop edition of Excel/Office 2016 or later versions – i.e., the downloadable and locally installed Excel/Office. It doesn't work with the web edition of Excel/Office that runs inside web browsers.
• Windows 10 or later versions.
• X86 or X64 systems.


• One-month fully functional trial.
• Support for parent-child relations.
• 3 types of dates and durations: estimated dates, actual dates, and baseline dates.
• WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)-based task organization. The WBS numbers are generated automatically – all you must do is to move a task up / down, or ‘Make parent’ and ‘Make child’.
• Support for 4 types of dependency relations: Finish to start, Start to start, Finish to finish, Start to finish.
• Multiple shape template in Excel format that are editable.
• Flexible date pickers.
• Resource management.
• Milestones.
• Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly views of the timeline.
• Customizable task list columns.

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