My Uk Life Public


Empowering Public Service Delivery for a Thriving UK Community

My UK Life is tailored for public sector bodies, such as local councils and NHS trusts, enhancing their ability to support newcomers and citizens. Leveraging AI technology, the platform provides specialized resources and guidance to facilitate integration and compliance with UK regulations.


Key Features:
  • AI-Driven Policy Compliance: Support for public entities in navigating and enforcing UK employment and immigration laws.
    Integration with Public Systems: Seamless API connections with existing public health and social service systems, improving data flow and service delivery.
  • Community Welfare Analytics: Advanced tools to analyze the impact of integration policies and community services, ensuring effective public resource management.
  • Public Sector Engagement: Tools and forums designed to connect public agencies with the communities they serve, fostering better communication and understanding.

Target Audience:
  1. Local Government Bodies: Councils seeking effective tools to assist newcomers in settling and integrating into local communities.
  2. NHS Trusts: Healthcare providers requiring compliance and integration support for international healthcare professionals and patients.
  3. Regulatory Authorities: Bodies needing assistance with the enforcement of regulations and standards.

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