Bridgit Family Carer Support Services


Solution to support family carers. Supporting carers to look after family members, and themselves.

"Bridgit Care helps council social teams and Integrated Care Systems to triple the support provided to their carers.
Enabling regions to reduce demand on support teams, and improve outcomes within 3 months of deploying our proven Bridgit Process."

  • With ongoing system pressures it's harder than ever to identify and support our family carer community. Carers are left alone in their caring role, and unsupported many of them are burning out, impacting their lives and placing additional demands on the health and social care system.
  • Bridgit Cares Carer Co-ordination Service provides carers with an online self support plan, including over 70 support modules.
  • In their own time cares can quickly developer their own personalised self support plan, including ideas, advice on areas they need help as well as automatic signposting to local events and services.
  • After completing the initial interactive tool, they have 12 months of support to engage with their support team, join a carer community, and receive regular bespoke and personalised support emails.
  • Commissioners and local teams receive regular reports on the number of carers identified and support received, as well as the expected system benefits.
  • Implementation of the solution is quick with the ability to provide carer support instantly within a region, and comes with an approach which links quickly into placed based assets and the local VCSE sector.

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