Toolyt Mobile CRM


Intelligent Personal Sales Assistant

Toolyt is the leading field sales mobile CRM solution to manage your entire field sales team, collaborate with multiple teams, help Reps connect efficiently with customers and partners & assist businesses in increasing their conversions. With over 10000+ users in over 20+ countries, we drive sales digitally for companies like City Bank, SK Finance, Aditya Birla, GE Healthcare, and many more rising start-ups and enterprises.

Feature Highlights for Customers:

  • Intelligent lead management (auto lead allocation, dedupe, lead scoring, lead qualification etc.)
  • Activity management (visits, calls, auto check-in etc.)
  • Customer onboarding (customer 360, integration with CIBIL, NACH, Inbuilt OCR , video KYC etc.)
  • Internal Collaboration (Broadcast, Connect, ticket management, video call etc.)
  • Increase Productivity (Goals, sales campaigns, leaderboard, KPI etc.)
  • Intelligent sales assistant (auto check-in, meeting recommendation, voice to text etc.)

Sales Leaders & Sales Officers ( Multiple concerned departments/teams involved in the onboarding process of the customers).
Pain points addressed from our solution: Ineffective lead management process Long turnaround time & complex onboarding process, Managing customer expectations across multiple stages during the onboarding journey, Real-time monitoring & tracking of sales performance Eradicating time-consuming manual process, No comprehensive view of customer information & missing data analytics of customer insights, Accessing real-time data from the ground and getting real-time visibility

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