Vanti’s Self-Optimizing AI For Industrial Manufacturing

Видавець: Vanti Analytics Ltd.

Vanti’s platform is a codeless turnkey solution for optimizing any industrial manufacturing facility

Vanti's Manufacturing Analytics is a robust solution for today's plant professionals. With its ability to fuse manufacturing data from multiple sources, Vanti offers an automated, intuitive, manufacturing insights platform.

Using advanced natural language processing, Vanti provides clear interpretations of complex production behaviors and delivers actionable insights. This simplifies your data exploration, making it as easy as having a conversation.

Vanti’s platform harnesses a combination of cutting-edge technologies that work harmoniously to provide you with swift and comprehensive manufacturing insights. Here's a breakdown of the three core layers of our product:

Data Input & Processing

This layer encompasses a wide range of data connectors compatible with various data sources such as ERPs, sensors, MES, databases, and data lakes. Our connectors allow you to select relevant data combinations effortlessly. Once selected, the uploader seamlessly transfers the data into the Vanti platform, simplifying the process.

Automatic Data Curation

Our sophisticated algorithms leverage domain-specific knowledge and best practices to optimize your data for analysis. By automating the data curation process, we save you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on deriving meaningful insights from your manufacturing data.

The Platform's automatic data curation process, combined with seamless data input and processing, ensures that you have high-quality data readily available for analysis.

Manufacturing Data Semantics Engine

Significant data processing occurs in this engine. Our semantics engine employs a mix of AI techniques, manufacturing domain knowledge, and heuristic methods. By analyzing the free-text description of your data, it automatically identifies and interprets connections between different data sources. The result? A condensed, analytics-infused dataset that fuels insightful discoveries. As you use the platform, the engine learns your organization-specific data model, processes, and internal logic, enabling faster and more effective data processing with less user input.

Generative AI-Powered Insights Generator

Once your analytics-infused dataset is ready, our natural language interface powered by LLMs (Large Language Models) and generative AI takes center stage. It presents you with detailed insights, including the reasoning and methodology behind them, in the form of charts and graphs. Moreover, our natural language interface allows you to interact with the data, enabling you to ask questions and uncover additional insights effortlessly.

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