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Significantly improved workforce engagement, corporate e-commerce and human capital management

In an ever-digitalizing business environment, transforming the workplace and workforce management and engagement improves employee’s performance and agility. Ren Ecosystem and flexHR® are mobile apps and web solutions for workplace and workforce transformation, covering the administrative to the strategic areas of human capital management. A hybrid environment of conventional office plus remote working is empowered via significantly improved employee engagement, communication, sharing, collaboration, using Ren Ecosystem and flexHR’s proven HR management effectiveness.

Products Offering : 

  • Workforce Engagement  

    Workplace transformation starts with employee engagement and employee experience. It helps employees see the company as a whole and understand how they can fit in and their individual contribution to the overall business success. Ren Ecosystem helps the organization to stay connected with interactive features for company news, survey/feedbacks, documents/data repository sharing, and more.

  • Workforce Performance  

    flexHR® provides a robust yet flexible system to organize performance measures into relatively objective and practical assessment tools. Continuous 360 Feedback, flexHR’s Notz feature supports continuous feedback and file attachment and posting response Notz, allowing for balanced feedbacks. 

  • Employee Self Service (ESS) Web & Mobile App

    Real-time push notifications to mobile devices alert users of transactions that require their attention and action.

    Intelligent and insightful information direct the user to make strategic decisions while “on the go.”

  • Managing HR

    Among flexHR’s enduring value is the proactive alerts and ease of retrieving and shaping data into useful decision-support information. Its bundled set of 200+ plus reports covers every aspect of HR management, e.g., manpower, work attendance, performance appraisal, talent management, training, etc. News analytics are easily created from any existing reports.

  • Talent Retention 

    Creating a talent pool starts with unearthing potential talents. flexHR® aids that via recruiting and performance appraisal effectiveness. Nurturing talents with well-suited career paths and subsequent succession into critical roles ensure successful talent retention. flexHR® optimizes them in the Career Plan and Succession Plan modules.

flexHR is certified Technology Service Provider appointed by MDEC under PENJANA's SME Digitalisation Grant

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