Payment Services, on Microsoft Azure

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E-commerce and in-store electronic payments acceptance services is a European cloud-based tech bank, powering ‘tap-on-any-device’ card acceptance on 985+ devices across 24 countries. addresses the payment needs of all merchants through a pan-European, totally localised service.

A payment service provider with all necessary licenses and a 100% in-house superior scalable technology, enables localised payments acceptance across Europe, on ANY device via ANY payment channel.’s tap-on-any-device, e-commerce, and marketplace payment platforms allow businesses, no matter their location, model, size or type, to accept and manage payments how they want, reshaping the checkout payment journey.

An advocate for a sustainable cashless economy, delivers digital payments services in 17 languages and 9 currencies, featuring 38+ payment methods, including all international card schemes, local card schemes, APMs, and BNPLs. Harnessing the power of revolutionary technologies, such as the | Terminal app and the | Smart Checkout payment gateway, provides an omnichannel solution, that offers seamless, conversion-boosting ways to process online and in-person transactions. In addition,’s expanding innovative suite for merchants, includes value added services and features like Real-Time Settlement with transactions’ settlement in up to 60 minutes, 365 days a year; Offline Payments that minimises chances of losing a sale resulting from network connectivity issues; and the business debit card to manage, automate and monitor corporate expenses, while decreasing acceptance fees to as low as 0%.

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