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NFT Utility and Access Token for Customer Engagement, Play to Collect and Play to Earn Models

  1. vantr enables ease of creating, monetizing and engaging customers using NFTs.
  2. vantr enables creation of NFT as access tokens enabling "brands" to engage customers, fans by providing new forms of gamification and downstream engagement
  3. vantr enables creating "Play to collect" and "Play to Earn" models unlocking new revenue streams for brands
  4. vantr enables "Digital Twining" of physical assets and creates "proof of ownership" between asset and owner

  5. Custom branded NFT store front can be created in days using vantr
  6. Both FIAT and Crypto payments can be enabled
  7. Autopayment and Royalty can be setup by brands
  8. Runs on Ethereum and Polygon
  9. Web 2.5 (without wallet) is being worked as roadmap feature

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