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Vroozi provides a complete purchasing solution.

Vroozi is the leading cloud-based business purchasing and AP automation platform. This fully automated procure-to-pay solution helps you grow faster and more profitably by digitizing your purchases, vendor invoices, expenses and payments.

Vroozi is designed for high-growth organizations who want to empower their employees, automate AP and purchasing, and maintain spend visibility from anywhere, at any time. 

Vroozi digitizes 100% of finance and procurement operations for a seamless user experience, including:

    • Purchase: track requests, approve purchase orders and centralize spend in a single location.
    • Invoice: eliminate paper invoices with an integrated digital system. Increase efficiency, accuracy and cycles.
    • Pay: easily approve, schedule and automate payments.
    • Expense: simplify expense reporting and tracking.
    • Marketplace: quickly find approved suppliers anytime, anywhere.
    • Spend Analytics: make more informed decisions with spend insights and intelligence.
    • Integrations: increase employee adoption by augmenting existing financial and ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics, with a modern, easy-to-use buying experience.

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