Face Recognition for Dynamics 365 CRM

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Face recognition powered Dynamics CRM suite

AI solution allows to recognize faces in a video stream, identify them and pop-up the CRM contact card

The Face recognition powered Dynamics CRM suite allows you to track returning visitors and recognize customers. It simply matches the photos that are already in the system with client’s face captured in real time.

Face detection can also identify attributes, including face landmarks (nose, eyes, etc.), gender, age, and other machine-predicted facial features.

How to use our solution

  • Reception: be client oriented and welcome customers by name before they say a word
  • Security control at restricted institutions
  • Face control on events and in public places

How it works
The process can be divided into 2 flows:
1) Creating repository
  • For the service to work properly, client’s pictures should be previously saved in the CRM contact card.
  • With Azure Cognitive Services, the system recognizes the presence of a face in a photo, and with the help of Face API, it creates a person and a "cast" of his face in the Azure Person ID storage.
  • Person ID is assigned to a contact and saved to CRM.
  • This procedure is performed at the first launch and every time when contact is added or his photo is changed.

2) Face recognition
  • Once faces have been identified, the API can check to see if two people in an image or images are the same by comparing them against a database to see if a similar-looking or identical face already exists.
  • It can also organize similar faces into groups using shared visual traits.
  • When the photo is found, the system returns a Person ID and CRM opens a contact card

Business value
  • – Customer loyalty growth
  • – Security enhancement

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