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Wedia's solution helps brands better manage and create more value from their marketing assets

At Wedia, we innovate every day to help marketing and communication teams of large corporations manage their media: our SaaS solution is used by 250 global brands and 550,000 users. Our clients use our marketing solution to create, transform and deliver their images, videos, 3D and other rich content in more than 40 countries.

Our modular and cloud-based platform provides 4 different modules each geared towards a specific area of contents' lifecycle:

  • Plan, create and review the creation of your content from ideation to validation (Creative Project and Content Management - CPCM)
  • Manage, share and repurpose all your digital assets (photos, videos…) in a unique media library (Digital Asset Management - DAM)
  • Easily adapt, localize and control your marketing material across branches, retailers, partners etc (Distributed Marketing Management - DMM)
  • Deliver your content, dynamically create multiple personalized experiences and engage and score your audiences (Digital eXperience Management - DXM)

Wedia’s success is regularly confirmed by Gartner and Forrester analysts who rank Wedia among the best global Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solutions, Distributed Marketing Platforms (DMP) and Digital Asset Management for Customer experience (DAM) solutions.

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