RAID.Cloud Fraud Management Suite

Wedo Technologies

Fraud Management in the Cloud for Communications Service Providers

RAID.Cloud is a fraud management suite that offers enterprise cloud services to detect telecom fraud

Main Features

Free. Unlimited. Online

It only takes 5 minutes to enroll on RAID.Cloud’s 60 day free trial. Register on the website, select the app you want to use and submit the information.

Data uploads made easy

RAID.Cloud gives you the convenience of processing data directly from the user interface or from a secure FTP. Once you’ve requested access to an app through the RAID.Cloud website, you will receive your unique personal authentication credentials for the dedicated secure FTP (sFTP).

Quick access to your most important business metrics

All of the fraud apps start producing results immediately on top of your processed data. The easy-to-use dashboard also displays two ways of looking at the alarms generated, allowing you to see results either as fraud types or fraud patterns

Fine-tune for extreme accuracy

RAID.Cloud provides prebuilt rules with default thresholds for fraud detection. Unlike other black box systems in the market, these values are fully customizable to help you to reduce potential false positives

Easy to set-up notifications will keep all of your team informed

RAID.Cloud provides notifications through email, Slack and Skype. You have full control over who, when and how you want to be notified.

An integrated vision of how you are addressing fraud risks

RAID.Cloud provides a consolidated dashboard for evaluating results across multiple subscriptions. This lets you better understand fraud attacks and follow their outcomes and resolutions from a single point of access

RAID.Cloud detects and prevents the following fraud types:

  • Roaming fraud
  • Bypass fraud
  • International Revenue Share Fraud
  • High Usage fraud
  • PrePaid fraud
  • Subscription fraud