Historic Traffic Patterns

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Visualize Historic Traffic Patterns and trends within your community

Get the most complete archive of congestion and road safety
insights in your towns and cities by visualizing highly accurate
and up-to-date historic traffic data analysis with ease.

Understand your current road network challenges and address future smart mobility goals
by analyzing real-road conditions using historical traffic patterns and trends.

To address future urban mobility challenges, you must understand what cam
e before. Derived from millions of connected vehicles, and with 95% coverage across US Road Infrastructure, Historic Traffic
Patterns from Wejo provides you a window into the past so you can understand and visualize travel times,
road speeds, vehicle volume density, as well as harsh braking, and rapid acceleration observations.
We provide access to in-depth historical traffic data analysis derived from millions of connected vehicles
on your roads and highways to help you understand, visualize, and put in place smart mobility plans,
so you can address road network challenges today, and tomorrow.

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