Regulatory Information Management

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AI-enabled, Cloud-ready Regulatory Information Management Solution.

WinWire’s Regulatory Information Management (RIM) solution - RIMTrack is the only cloud-ready, AI-based solution that uses Azure and prepares for robust regulatory submission accurately and efficiently. The solution provides insights in supported standards and regulations, based on continuous assessments from your Azure environment.

It streamlines the regulatory affairs process related to submission planning, tracking, licensing, approvals, regulatory, clinical trials, and reporting across global sites and stakeholders. It enables rapid creation, review, and submission of regulatory databases, and is built on high-performance and scalable technologies.

RIMTrack offers its customers to navigate through complex regulatory submissions and reduces the labor-intensive manual process for product registration. It supports organizations adopt a smarter process that optimizes costs, reduces time-to-market, improves collaboration and enhances regulatory tracking.

RIMTrack Solution help you with

  • Document Submission Management and Tracking
  • Integrated Regulatory Information
  • Automated Product Registration
  • Regulatory Content Management

Key deliverables

  • Strengthens Compliance Processes
  • Faster Time-To-Market
  • Reduces Cost and Complexity
  • Reduction is Submission Time

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