MIQ Intelligent Analytics Platform

Видавець: Wipro Ltd

Unlock the power of your global enterprise data with Next Gen Connected Business Analytics Platform

  • One Stop Shop of End to End Analytics, Cognitive and Performance Management Solution. 
  • Enables OneView for all multi-geo Business Area globally from any where remotely
  • A generic solution architecture that supports rapid digital transformation to Azure cloud with inbuilt Analytics & Predictive Analytics Platform
  • Drive decisions that improve productivity and profitability using scattered disparate data from anywhere anytime.
  • Cost Savings by improving performance of the Business Unit by identifying the gaps in Performance
Key Features
  • Visualization and platform to get actionable insights on the transformed data.
  • Enables One View of Multi Geo Business Area Globally.
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Insights on your data.
  • Prescribes action to be taken to meet productivity goals.
  • Closed Loop Performance Management Solution to improve Performance.
  • Inbuilt Knowledge Management System to share knowledge and information among multiple Business Units.
  • Self-Analytics to create your own insights and publish.
  • Plug-in algorithms to Transform data for Analytics & Cognitive Intelligence.
  • Analytics & Predictive Analytics Use Cases for multiple domains.
  • Connectors to Load data from disparate IT, OT and Legacy Systems
  • Role Based Authorization
  • Single Sign On enabled

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