Wipro Unified Assessment and Monitoring Tool

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An Intelligent data-driven monitoring and assessment tool for Microsoft 365 business application.

Business Problem:

Given the rapidly evolving digital landscape, prioritizing the effective management of Microsoft on-prem and cloud applications has become critical to ensure business continuity, robust security posture, maximized productivity, and optimized costs. However, enterprises are facing significant challenges in mitigating service performance impacts due to growing complexities with dispersed estate, multi-vendor ecosystem and continuous upgrades.

Key challenges faced by enterprises:

  • Complexities in managing multi-vendor estate, data exchange and interoperability
  • Higher third-party tool procuring cost and OEM extended support cost
  • Limited visibility into the vendor operations and application performance
  • Reactive monitoring and remediation of issues
  • Time consuming resolutions with Administrator intervention required
  • Ensuring service availability, planning for service outages, maintaining compliance and up to date security patches & updates

Our Solution:

Wipro has created intelligent data-driven monitoring and assessment Tools for Active Directory, Exchange On-Prem, Microsoft Exchange Online and other Microsoft 365 business applications that help in providing specific actionable guidance grouped in Focus Areas to mitigate risks to the enterprises.

Key Features of the Solution:

  • Comprehensive Real-Time Monitoring to monitor focus areas - security & compliance, operations, availability & business continuity, change & configuration management, performance & scalability, all from a single location, simplifying the monitoring process
  • Historical Analysis to identify trends and patterns that can help with capacity planning and ticket resolution
  • Automated Data collection, Analysis & Insights and Remediation plan for proactive measures around non-compliant parameters, service outages and performance
  • One-Touch Reporting based on predefined solutions and custom generation as per keywords & search options
  • Elevated security posture with predictive protection from attack and diagnose the future risks and concerns related to Technology (Design, Architecture, Best Practice, Capacity, and Performance)

Wipro’s Value Proposition:

  • Integrated, unified and simplified in-house tools catering to the challenges of managing multiple vendors
  • Demonstrated expertise in effective implementation of the tools within the customer’s environment across verticals and geographies
  • Phased engagement during the assessment process from data collection, review sessions and improvement suggestion & closure
  • Custom Tool with pre-defined scripts, seamless interoperability, reporting filters and parameter definition

Solution Benefits:

  • Improvement in service downtime by proactive troubleshooting of upcoming issues and optimizing the services to ensure quality performance
  • Consistent and timely monitoring, improving the overall reliability of the process
  • Protection of sensitive information and safeguard compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Automated identification of potential service outages and gauge budding disruptions to business operations
  • Reduction in manual intervention and service desk calls
  • Cost Savings in procurement of third-party tools and OEM extended support
  • Ease of understanding and implementation with customized scope of automation and capability of multiple execution
  • Enhanced employee experience and productivity

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