IQ - Smart Data Platform


Smart Data Platform: making smart use of fast-growing data silos

Our Smart Data Platform is built on the latest Microsoft Azure technology. Want to start fast? No problem! We can roll out the platform in a standardized, automated way, so you can bring in your first data source within a few days. You get to pick the level at which you start. The standard platform offers a lot of opportunities. But if you opt for the more advanced version, you get to work with big data and advanced analytics right away.
No matter the ‘flavor’ you choose, we will establish the platform based on our best practice — which means we’ll do it in the best, cheapest, and most secure way.

After we’ve delivered the Smart Data Platform, we will manage it, too. Depending on the value you wish to create, we’ll determine which data will flow through the platform. We will connect data per data source and per process. Little by little, we’ll unlock data. At some point, we will add things together, so you’ll get increasingly smart data.

We will discuss our approach in detail with you. Incidentally, you’ll never be on your own: we will provide you with guidance every step of the way!

Why opt for the Smart Data Platform?
  • A fully automated rollout of the data platform allows you to connect your first data sources fast
  • The platform is set up in a very efficient way
  • Cloud and location independent because of Azure Arc
  • Scalable based on Azure Services