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End-to-end Order Management & Fulfilment System for Retailers, Distributors, Brand Owners & Sellers

OMS4 is a centralised platform that can helps retailers, distributors, brand owners and sellers to manage their ecommerce activities. It is a single end-to-end ecommerce solution to manage all the sales channels, orders, products, inventories and fulfilment across all the marketplaces. It enables retailers, distributors, brand owners and sellers to expand and grow their business in multiple marketplaces across different regions effortlessly.

Challenges when selling online - Common Pain Points

  • Manage inventory manually to prevent out-of-stock or overselling
  • More marketplaces subscribed, more effort in managing
  • Different marketplaces require different entries of product SKUs
  • Multiple systems to receive orders and perform fulfilment
  • Without consolidation on deliveries, high percentage of profit goes to partners
  • No fulfilment network in overseas markets

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