ARIEL - Robotics Automation Platform

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For automating auditing, finance, and reservations, enhancing accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

ARIEL is a robotics, automation platform that employs robots and AI to automate tasks traditionally carried out manually, like auditors, finance teams, and reservation teams. It completes these tasks in seconds rather than hours, significantly enhancing accuracy and efficiency. This streamlined approach results in immediate cost savings upon implementation. By automating processes like audit procedures and reservation handling, ARIEL minimizes the time and resources needed for these tasks.

Type of users which will benefit:

  • Group Hotel companies managing 30+ hotels, seeking centralized and standardized operations across their properties.
  • Hotel Owners aiming to optimize operational efficiency and financial performance.
  • Hotel Managers striving to streamline processes and improve guest experiences.
  • Financial Controllers looking to enhance financial reporting accuracy and efficiency.
  • Operations Managers seeking to automate routine tasks and improve overall productivity.
  • Reservation Teams aiming to streamline reservation handling processes and enhance guest satisfaction.
  • Auditors wanting to automate audit procedures and improve accuracy.
  • Financial Teams looking to streamline reconciliation processes and reduce errors.

Customer needs:

  • Leveraging AI and Robotics to replace manual processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.
  • Automated Daily Audit encompassing 19 Audit Items, with data extraction and analytics performed by robots and AI, requiring auditor intervention only for exceptions.
  • Reservation Automation streamlining reservation handling tasks, including updates to PMS for various reservation-related actions such as comments, routing, tracing, specials, and codes.
  • Comprehensive Financial Reports tailored to the hotel's Profit and Loss (P&L) items, providing detailed insights into financial performance.
  • Reconciliation for Booking Fees, Credit Cards, and Loyalty Points, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial transactions.
  • Automated AR Invoices for agencies, covering the generation, reconciliation, and distribution processes, reducing manual workload and errors.

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