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The experts in payroll and HR in the UK and Ireland

Zellis HCM Cloud is an integrated, cloud-based payroll and HR solution that enables you to harness your data and give your employees the best digital experience, all at the same time. Today’s business leaders are under pressure from many directions. Ever-changing industry regulations mean compliance is a challenge that carries a risk. Outdated systems can’t provide the exceptional employee experiences that are key to attracting and retaining the best talent. HR and payroll are major cost centres, meaning they require strategic management, while declining budgets result in HR organisations constantly straining to do more with less.

Zellis HCM Cloud gives you choice and flexibility. Built using Microsoft cloud, data, and AI technologies, Zellis HCM Cloud is designed for medium to large enterprises to specifically transform two critical business factors: people and data.

Market-leading solutions

Streamline your payroll, HR, benefits, and recognition processes with our award-winning cloud software.

Exceptional experiences

Boost engagement and productivity with our modern and intuitive employee self-service portal.

Open ecosystem

Integrate seamlessly with third-party applications and productivity tools to meet all of your organisation’s needs as they evolve.

Powerful analytics

Unify your data and harness strategic insights with leading-edge analytics, BI, and reporting tools. Poor employee experiences impede productivity, engagement, and retention – causing frustration across the entire workforce - while siloed data makes organisations slow and inefficient. Zellis HCM Cloud addresses both, with far-reaching benefits. At the heart of Zellis HCM Cloud is the Zellis Intelligence Platform. It integrates our core HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Recognition applications with your other productivity tools – even your bespoke apps – using a common data model, helping to surface rich business insights.

Make life simpler, drive greater productivity, and cut management workloads. Take things up a level with data-driven, tightly integrated payroll and HR processes, underpinned by scalable and resilient cloud infrastructure.

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