ZingHR 2023

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ZingHR - Employee-Centric HR Cloud Platform for Hire to Rehire

ZingHR is a Gartner-recognized, Global HR Tech Venture accelerated at Microsoft, funded by Tata Capital Growth Fund with more than 900+ customers and 1.6 million+ active users worldwide.

Offering a completely cloud-based, Hire to ReHire HCM solution delivered using future-ready, innovative technologies & concepts including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning Algorithms. ZingHR prides itself on providing vertical-focused solutions, all available in 26 global languages including those from SE, the Middle East and European ones.

ZingHR has integrated local Payroll compliances & practices into its highly configurable platform. Apart from CoreHR processes, features like Zing Social, Pulse Surveys, OKR, Career Planning, Robotic Interviews, Digital Identity, and ESG make it a well-rounded comprehensive platform, with its value proposition embedded in enabling organizations to achieve audacious, tangible and measurable success such as ESG goals, Top Line increases, EBITDA improvements, People Engagement, Employee Experience and People Productivity.

CHROs, CFOs, CIOs, CEOs, Boards, and Investors all embrace the collaborative engagement style adopted by ZingHR to transform business processes and achieve critical business outcomes.

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