Roster App 4 Wk Implementation

Acuvate Software Ltd

Acuvate's 4 week Power Apps Implementation Service helps you digitize and automate end-to-end rostering processes for holistic shift management

This 4-Week implementation offer includes an assessment of your company’s needs, an understanding of your existing landscape & processes, and implementation of an app on the Microsoft Power platform that can digitize, automate, & streamline enterprise-wide shift scheduling and management across levels, and experience.

The Employee Roster App built leveraging Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, & Power BI helps manage employee shifts and assign the right workers to the right roles, especially in industries with a geographically diverse workforce and high levels of collaboration. It eliminates the time and cost-intensive and error-prone manual process of managing employee rosters, shifts, and duties, & maintains a 360-degree view of employee schedules, identifies empty slots, and offers shifts to maintain productivity across levels.

Features: ● Automates tedious tasks like shift scheduling and swapping with Power Automate ● Easily integrate-able with existing HR/payroll and LOB systems ● Powerful and easy-to-navigate UI for managers and employees ● Reporting and analytics for data-driven staffing decisions leveraging Power BI

Outcome: ● Power Platform setup in the existing landscape ● A Power app for improving the Inspection Process

Timeline: 2-4 weeks

Benefits: ● Easy clock-in and clock-out for location-diverse employees ● Digital time and attendance recording for visibility ● Predictive rostering and workflow process automation to reduce human errors like schedule clashes ● Wage cost management by preventing over or underpayments ● Flexible shift and task management Mobile-first interface ● Increased morale and employee experience ● Greater collaboration between teams

This offering includes assessment and implementation services for building & deploying Roster App leveraging Power Platform. The scope, price & timeline are determined based on specific business goals and the customer's requirements. Hence, the terms, conditions, and pricing will be custom to each engagement.

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