Employee Experience Viva Offer: 3-day workshop

Adaptive Business Communications Ltd t/a CloudAssist

This consulting offer enables CloudAssist to assist enterprises to adopt the Microsoft 365 Viva capability using the funded Build Intent workshop engagement to assist the Employee Experience

CloudAssist's assists enterprises to enable their workers to be better connected and more productive using Microsoft Viva. The 'Art of the Possible' workshop is designed to identify real-world use cases in your business that can be addressed with the Microsoft Viva suite with deep dives across Goals, Topics, Connections, Insights or Learning. This engagement aims to improved the employee experience of your workers in their everyday activities. This funded 'Art of the Possible' workshop assists eligible enterrpises to accelerate their Digital Transformation with increased employee engagement, retention and profitability while putting people at the center. The workshop delivers a comprehensive assessment of Microsoft Viva suite and evaluates the potential ROI of this investment while outlining the ACM (Adoption and Change Management) roadmap to ensure a positive on-boarding experience for the workers to this new Employee Experience Platform (EXP). An EXP is a digital platform that puts people at the center by bringing together systems of work with systems of support into an integrated employee experience. And it provides people with the resources and support they need to succeed and thrive, no matter their location.  ​

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