Akari Teams App Advisory 1-Week Implementation

Akari Solutions

Envisioning a custom solution within Microsoft Teams to change ways of working and innovate

One of our cloud architects will work with your business stakeholders and information technology to envision and map out the architecture of a Microsoft Teams application. The agenda is as follows: Day 1: Solution Discovery Workshop - A full day workshop to map out the business problems, personas, user stories and use cases for a solution - We will capture these in the workshop as part of a solution discovery workshop brief Day 2-4: Envisioning documentation creation - Our architects will work with our development team and UX designers to pull together a number of outputs. We will work to create an envisioning report to encapsulate the solution discovery workshop brief whilst mapping out even further possible use cases and solutions which may meet the discussed scenario. We will also create high-fidelity UX flows to show what the application will look like within Microsoft Teams across Bots, Power Apps, Messaging Extensions, Meeting Apps and embedded content. The final envisioning document will be a solution blueprint, this document pulls together the solution as a high-level design including a solution overview, UX flows, architecture diagram, component descriptions, data flow diagram, authentication, data sources, authorization and costings across Microsoft 365 and Azure. Day 5: Playback session The final day will be used to playback the designs in a workshop including the day 1 attendees alongside further members of the business who will be making use of the solution or responsible for deploying the solution. We will close out this day with a further proposal and roadmap to develop a full solution as a proof of concept.

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