Adoption & Change Management:4-Week Implementation

AMTRA Solutions Ltd

AMTRA's Adoption Change Management Engagements drive adoption and active usage of Microsoft 365. Key for Modern Workplace success, Change Champions & ACM help organizations adopt new technology.

AMTRA’s Adoption Change Management process prepares your business to take full advantage of Microsoft 365. Our approach assists organizations adapt their behavior and establish new ways of interacting with colleagues and become increasingly productive in the digital workplace. We focus on your people, as everyone views change differently. AMTRA's ACM framework is integrated into our project delivery framework and developed to match the Microsoft Adoption approach. We have a flexible framework with components that are scalable based on an organization's situation and requirements. We define the following phases: 1) Discovery - Determine change magnitude, identify communications & training methods 2) Design - Build full ACM plan including communication and training plan, change strategy 3) Delivery - Execute ACM plan and 4) Sustainment - Continued learning and adoption of the tools. AMTRA’s unique change management approach makes certain that user preferences and work styles are accounted for. Our innovative Q&A Bot answers questions from users about how to use Teams, the effects of new features on their business unit and tips for optimized use. AMTRA's Get Started app is a collection of content designed to provide users with a one-stop shop for learning Teams. The solution enables organizations to customize their content, link users to tips and tricks, video learning, announcements and help links. The AMTRA Adoption Change Management (ACM) service builds competence, confidence, and commitment toward Microsoft 365 and it’s business value. With outcome goals to: Streamline adoption timelines to increase productivity, prepare employees for a more flexible and engaged workplace, increase utilization of available toolsets, empower the company to leverage modern digital work styles, and improve team efficiency and collaboration across functions.

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