Copilot Readiness Workshop for Microsoft 365

Appetite for Business

This workshop provides a rich set of tools to assess compatibility, ensure compliance, enhance security, optimise resources and promote user adoption before deploying and adopting Copilot

Introducing powerful AI tools like Copilot within any organisation requires careful planning, preparation and readiness to deliver the capabilities promised without increasing associated security and governance risks. The Readiness Workshop is key to fully utilising a successful Copilot programme which empowers users, and is governed effectively and securely in equal measure.

Our proposed workshop approach to achieve these outcomes is set to the following audit:

Phase 1

Copilot Readiness: Permissions audit of legacy content within the SharePoint tenant (SharePoint and Governance review + remediation plan) covering reviews of:
  1. Data Security and Information Protection (Discover and understand risks)
  2. Identity and Access Management (Discover and Protect user access)
  3. Endpoint Management (Secure device access)
  4. App Management (Secure Application use)
  5. SharePoint tenant (Governance and permissions)

The above findings will then be shared as recommendations with a plan of action for your Copilot Roadmap.

Following successful completion of Phase 1 the following deliverables would be developed further with a separate costed approach and plan:

Phase 2

  1. Copilot readiness survey
  2. Onboarding and Copilot workshops with a designated pilot group
  3. Pre-training
  4. Introduction
  5. Extending Knowledge
  6. Implementation and Ongoing Development

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