Modern SecOps Discovery Session

Ascent Global, Inc.

Complimentary discovery session for qualified customers to optimize the intelligence of their teams and better leverage their existing Microsoft technology.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term Modern SecOps. However, the elements of what comprise a Modern Security Operations strategy aren’t universally understood.

Is Modern SecOps just a buzz term? Does the framework and tactical mix differ from what I’m doing today? What value does it drive for my business?

Join Ascent experts for a complimentary discovery session. We will explain the critical people, process, and technology evolutions necessary to modernize your security operations strategy and optimize your posture against new and emerging threats.

This session will cover the business challenges and value realized by achieving a true Modern SecOps foundation. IT leadership will be challenged to think of people, process, and technology hierarchically to optimize the intelligence of their teams and better leverage their existing Microsoft technology.

Firms will learn: ■ Traditional vs Modern SecOps ■ How to shape a company culture for Modern SecOps adoption ■ Intel-driven, risk-based processes to better understand the threats specific to their industry ■ How to drive efficiency through existing Microsoft technology investments + technology-enabled services

Products driven within Microsoft365 E5 Security: ■ Azure ■ Azure Active Directory ■ Azure Active Directory Multifactor Authentication ■ Azure Active Directory Conditional Access ■ Azure Active Directory Identity Protection ■ Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1 and 2 ■ Azure Active Directory Application Proxy ■ Azure Security ■ Azure Networking ■ Azure Security Center ■ Azure Purview ■ Microsoft Sentinel ■ Office 365 Data Loss Prevention ■ Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention ■ Microsoft Information Protection ■ Microsoft Endpoint Manager ■ Microsoft Defender ■ Microsoft Defender for Office 365 ■ Microsoft Defender for Endpoint ■ Microsoft Defender for Identity ■ Microsoft Defender for IoT ■ Microsoft Defender for Cloud ■ Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps ■ Secure Score ■ Compliance Manager

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