Atos || Microsoft Windows 365 Pilot

Atos International SAS

Atos Microsoft Windows 365 7 days engagement pilots hybrid work scenarios in customer environments using Windows 11, enabling the implementation of configurations and Intune policies for CloudPC.

The Windows 365 Standardized Pilot enables you to convince your customer business decision-makers of the business value of Windows 365. Attending standardized pilot sessions allows you to:

  • understand a customer's hybrid work scenarios and end-user computing goals and objectives
  • gain insights into a customer's device landscape for both physical and virtual endpoints and
  • showcase Windows 365 Cloud PC provisioning and management with Intune for a selected group of users focusing on the selected hybrid work user scenarios in customer environment

The standardized Pilot is customized based on the needs of the client organization and has a 5-step approach:

  1. Engagement setup,
  2. Design and planning,
  3. Customer value conversation,
  4. discovery session for end points and
  5. key results, recommendations, and next steps.

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