TTEC Digital Solution for Launchpad for Personalized CX: 12 Week POC

TTEC Digital

Your customers last best experience can directly impact your bottom line. Deliver hyper-personalized, memorable experiences powered by Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights.

Your customers expect every interaction to be easy, personalized and secure. For over 45 years, TTEC Digital has been crafting customer experiences (CX). Powered by Dynamics 365 Marketing, Customer Insights and expert consultants, TTEC Digital is helping businesses provide frictionless CX designed for human experiences including:

  • Transforming interactions into exceptional experiences
  • Building memorable journeys across all touchpoints
  • Informing decisions with unified customer data
  • Personalizing experiences and driving results
  • Converting prospects into loyal customers
  • Reducing friction for customers and employees

Agenda and Services Provided*

    Week 1/2
    • Determine use cases for segmenting and personalized targeting
    • Review data sources for profiles and activities
    • Gather requirements for marketing outcomes and journeys
    • Configure Sandbox and Production environments
    • Import Customer and activity data sources into Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
    Week 3/4
    • Unify data sources into a customer profile in Customer Insights
    • Base configuration of Dynamics 365 Marketing
    • Setup Contacts, Accounts and Leads for Marketing
    Week 5/6
    • Design custom Marketing entities
    • Create e-mail templates, Landing Pages and forms
    • Create activities, relationships, indexes and measures in Customer Insights
    Week 7/8
    • Configure Customer Insights and Marketing integration
    • Implement Marketing journeys
    • Analyze unified data to identify segments relevant to your goals
    Week 9/10
    • Configure out of the box reporting for Marketing
    • UAT/Training
    Week 11/12
    • Go Live, Deployment and Hypercare
    • Final executive playback
    • Recommendation on next steps

*Est. dependent on complexity of journeys, templates, landing pages, forms, measures, entities and workflows.

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