System Access Request App: 3-Wk Implementation

Axxend Corporation

A system designed to streamline an organization's resource allocation

The increase in demand for softwares has put tremendous pressure on IT to deliver innovative solutions in the quickest possible of time. The challenge is these software's requires lots of expertise and longer time to go into production. This is where PowerApps comes in handy to your GTM strategy is achieved in record time. System Access Request Application by Axxend is for the management of employee access to organization resources such as clock in/out, email, and internet systems. System Access Request app enable users to remotely request for enrolment of new employee on a company system. Existing users can ask for user permission or elevation rights. HR & Managers can easily approve enrolment of new employee on the organization systems. A simple dashboard report for user insights and easy deactivation of employee access upon exit.

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