App In A Day: 1-Day Workshop

Bamboo Technologies Limited

Participants will have basic knowledge on Microsoft Power Platform Framework and how it can address some of their business challenges.

This workshop will help the participants to get familiar with Microsoft Power Platform and to realize them how this framework can resolve their day to day business challenges. Workshop also help them to realize how easier and shorter the development cycle for Power Platform Projects that even a business analyst without programming background can implement and maintain.

Agenda Module 1 – Basic Knowledge (Duration: 4 hours)

  1. Common Business Challenges Across Industries
  2. Introduction to Power Platform
  3. Deep Dive into Canvas App, Model Driven App, Power BI & Flow
  4. How Power Platform can resolve common business challenges
  5. Some of the successful business use cases using Power Platform
  6. Q &A

Module 2 – Ideation (Duration: 4 hours)

  1. Split the participants to 4 logical group
  2. White board session with each group to understand their business challenges
  3. From each group, identify at least one business scenario and find out how Power Platform can resolve it
  4. Either the trainer or the one of the techno functional engineer will assist the group to resolve their business challenges during whiteboard session

*Travel costs will be remunerated based on the actual outlay.

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