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Transform your customer data into actionable, real-time insights, and get to know your customers with an AI-powered customer data platform (CDP) through Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Marketing.

Get started with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Transform your customer data into actionable, real-time insights, and get to know your customers with an AI-powered customer data platform (CDP) through Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Marketing. A recognised leader in Power Platform and Dynamics 365 services, Barhead Solutions offers Quickstart Solutions for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights configurations to help create personalised, responsive, and connected customer journeys — powered by next generation AI.

Get the ultimate view of your customers Understand your customers like never before with a real-time customer data platform (CDP) from Microsoft

Optimise and orchestrate real-time customer journey Reduce cost per conversion using AI-generated insights, and automated workflows, with personalised recommendations that maximise customer lifetime value.

Easily balance personalisation and privacy Take advantage of consent data that’s automatically updated and classification labels that help keep information secure.

Turn known and unknown prospects into fans Ingest transactional, behavioral, and demographic data to create deep insights and complete, up-to-date customer profiles.

Improve retention and loyalty Shorten sales cycles, reduce churn, and keep customers for life by acting on customer signals and feedback in real time.

Core - Live in 1 week* Fast-track your deployment and have your business up and running on a fully connected sales and marketing system in 1 week. Create personalised customer journeys at scale, and work with seamless handover, collaboration, and visibility between your sales and marketing teams.

✓ Create highly personalised communications (email and SMS) and automated customer journeys using a drag-and-drop interface​ ✓ Segment customers into groups based on any data and activity in Dynamics 365​ ✓ Trigger communications in real time based on customer actions, such as visiting your website or downloading a whitepaper​ ✓ Manage subscriptions, communication preferences, and compliance requirements​ ✓ Provide your sales team with visibility of all marketing interactions on the main customer timeline, and an automated handover of marketing qualified leads​ ✓ Get started quickly with email templates designed to your branding and core segments as well as customer journeys tailored to your needs ​ ✓ Generate new leads with a fully connected lead generation form embedded on your website​ ✓ Training for your team to enable you with the ongoing skills to create segments, emails, SMS messages, and automated personalised journeys

Intelligent - Live in 2 weeks* Generate new leads and nurture existing customers with a fully connected event management, marketing and CRM system. Manage and host in-person or online events, with a registration portal, attendance tracking, and personalised communications throughout the event journey.​

This package includes everything in the Core Customer Insights package, PLUS:​ ✓ Manage the entire planning process for online, onsite, or hybrid events, including event planning, venues, speakers, and sponsors​ ✓ A fully connected event portal, with options to set event capacity and waitlists​ ✓ Manage attendees, welcome messages, and notifications when customers arrive at your event​ ✓ Enable your sales team to add or remove their customers from event invitation lists without exporting data to Excel spreadsheets​ ✓ Provide your sales team visibility of all event interactions on centralised customer data records in Dynamics 365 Sales, and automated handoff of leads generated from the event​ ✓ Automated personalised communication, reminders, and nurture journeys before and after the event​ ✓ Monitor event feedback and customer sentiment with automated integrated surveys​ ✓ Measure and report on attendees and event result

Customised Package Determine the best marketing strategies for your team, with a customised lead generating event and post-event campaign enablement solution with real-time analysis and behavioral insights.

The customised package involves everything in the Core & Intelligent package, PLUS Dynamics Customer Insights and customised applications aligned to your specific marketing requirements

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