A#QR: 2-Months Implement

Bhatara Progress Co., Ltd.

To maximize efficiency, to minimum wastage, the A#QR will enhance the seamless entire process from receiving, picking, shipping to consumers. It offers a ZERO human error and traceability.

In the world of increasing automation, the demand for eliminating inefficiencies and increasing productivity is greater than ever. Inventory changes many times a day, a manual process causes many problems for example no updated and accurate data, stock difference and loss, untrace ability, and invisibility in a warehouse, etc. A#QR has been developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 through Power Platform. It works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It benefits manufacturers and retailers unlock bundle and shortage stock through automated item identification, counting, traceability, and visibility across multi-warehouse. They can find and track across multi-warehouse, also receive a right stock faster. They get real time visibility which helps them manage stock, sales, purchase, production, and shipment. A#QR on Microsoft Dynamics 365 is applied for all processes. It controls inventory management for picking, packing, receiving, return, transfer, and production processes: consumption and output journal in every routing process. A#QR contains many details and attribute of a master item in Microsoft Dynamics 365. It can identify serial number, lot number, manufacturing date, and all detail input. It validates and checks items based on sales order, purchasing order, issue slip, return slip, production order, etc. The QR will be displayed in all documents, including item Tag so users work easily. Users can avoid much time to key in and mistakes. Absolutely, A#QR shorter operational processes and increase efficiency. A#QR can support all platforms; Barcode, QR, RFID, newly Beacon to facilitate all companies. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with precise operation, seamless working with all parties (buyer, seller, manufacturer, contractor, logistic, DC, etc. Companies can plan, forecast, prioritize more effective even demand spikes dramatically. Bhatara Progress Co., Ltd., has been the Microsoft Business Application and Modern work, so we can provide you total services; Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Business Defender. We adopt PowerAPP and PowerAutomation to optimize Dynamics 365 to deliver competitive advantage to our customers. We are keen to implement Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management & Finance, HR, Remote Assist, Sales, etc.

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