Smart Automation 4 Week Accelerator: Center of Excellence Training, Guidance, Development, Licensing, Governance

BHFE Solutions

Accelerate the utilization of Smart Automation via our comprehensive guided experience. Gain the knowledge on how to grow and manage your automation endeavors & deploy a production ready automation.

Automation has quickly become a transformative tool in every industry. With our services, your organization will quickly learn to leverage the Power Platform and enjoy the benefits of cost savings, reduced errors, increased speed and scalability of your processes. Our accelerator program guides your organization through every step of the Automation Journey and your team will have a production ready, deployable automated process upon completion.

By completing the accelerator program, your organization will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Process discovery, assessment, optimization, and prioritization:
    • Understand the benefits and capabilities of Smart Automation
    • Identify and prioritize the best process candidates to automate
    • Automation readiness: process mapping, and documentation
    • Define KPIs and calculate ROI
    • Convey the needs of subject matter experts and business units to your technical teams or development partners
    • Navigate all licensing needs throughout your Automation Journey
  • Development
    • Grow your understanding of each tool within the Power Platform
    • Learn to develop low to medium complexity automations
    • Leverage best practices in code and documentation
    • A fully developed, production ready automated process
  • Post development
    • Understand how to deploy completed processes
    • Fully comprehend how to administrate and maintain automations throughout their lifecycle
    • Understand the value of the Center of Excellence (CoE) Toolkit
  • Next steps & governance
    • Continue to deploy, manage and maintain an automation pipeline
    • Develop successful automated processes in-house as well as with a partner and understand when to utilize each
    • Understand proper governance and best practices
    • Next steps to continued success


  • Week 1:

    • Discover and assess sessions with your organization to ensure an optimal and custom experience.
    • Convey the benefits of automation and capabilities of the Power Platform across teams and business units
    • Brainstorming sessions and workshops across business units to discover automation candidates
    • Pre-development trainings on process discovery, KPIs, best practices and communication
    • High level overview of the Power Platform
  • Week 2:

    • Customized curriculum-based training in Power Automate and the Power Platform ecosystem
      • Understand the components of the Power Platform
      • Deep dive into developing in Power Automate Desktop, Flows and AI Builder
      • Development and documentation fundamentals and best practices
    • Process selection for automation: Review processes listed in discovery phase and select the ideal candidate to automate during week 3
  • Week 3:

    • Using the knowledge of the curriculum-based training in week 2, and the selected process from week 1, we will lead your team to develop and build this process as they gain experience and comfort with Power Automate.
      • Process documentation including As-Is and To-Be optimized process notes
      • Process/technical design documents & Architecture
      • Hands on development
      • Alpha of completed automation
  • Week 4:

    • Continuing on the success of the previous weeks, your team will now:
      • Complete the development of the process
      • Implement best practices around error and exception handling
      • Test internally, as well as work with internal subject matter experts to test
      • Deploy a release candidate & productionalize the automation
    • Training on administration, governance and the CoE Toolkit
    • Learn how to continue to develop an automation pipeline
    • Hand-off and next steps to ensure the success of your program

The price of the accelerator is based on training a team of 1-10 people, and developing a low to medium complexity process. If you require more advanced training, or higher complexity processes please contact us.

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