SharePoint Discovery & Roadmap Workshop

Big Cloud Consultants

Discover how SharePoint can fulfill your communication, collaboration, & process automation needs. This results in a roadmap & a design/implementation plan for a successful Intranet solution.

Learn how to leverage your existing investment in SharePoint to improve employee experience & engagement. A successful intranet can help centralize and organize corporate documentation and provide an intuitive knowledge base while minimizing email.


We will conduct up to 8 hours of interviews with department heads and/or key stakeholders to determine requirements for a successful SharePoint implementation. Your users don’t need to understand SharePoint. Our team can translate your pain points into technical solutions that will make your business processes more efficient. This includes a focus on document management and corporate communications.

After compiling a list of requirements, we will work with your team to prioritize those that are applicable for a Phase 1 implementation. Those phase 1 requirements will be the basis for a statement of work.


  1. High Level Requirements: This document will outline all core functionalities that are to be included in the proposed solution, as well as any future requirements that may require consideration.

  2. Site Map: This document will display the hierarchy of sites, pages, lists, libraries, and workflows that are required within the solution.

  3. Live Site Mockups: These real-time mockups of your SharePoint site are low-fidelity representations of the site pages that allow the team creative collaboration without a large investment in design or development.

  4. Statement of Work: The Statement of Work will be crafted based on client’s requirements captured during the discovery phase using all the above deliverables as project assets.

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